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" alternative/indie/pop/rock lover's delight."
" accomplished songwriter with the power to illuminate hidden emotions with sound."
–Subba Cultcha
"...a fresh, accomplished, imaginative
one-man extravaganza."
–Nashville Music Guide
"He is a volcano. The lava brimming over the edge."
"...impeccable..timeless and instantly recognizable...
one of indie's best kept secrets...but he won't be for long."
"...ever the musical Macgyver."
–For Folk's Sake
"I fell in love with Guy Grogan."
–Huffington Post

"...Same Morning Light pursues a more intimate, folk-centric sound that succeeds swimmingly." –Obscure Sound


"Grogan speaks volumes and I immediately fell in love with this album [Same Morning Light]." Audible Addixion


"...this album [Same Morning Light] definitely stands out as one that is raw, real, and unapologetically carries the aura of brilliant confidence, Guy, you have a new fan." Music Court Blog


"When the first track on Guy Grogan’s most recent album Purgatorial Hearts opens, it becomes instantly clear that great songwriting is what the Santa Fe-based one-man band is known for. Grogan’s third solo album since 2016 (he has eleven in total) channels an era of melodic grunge rock and beautiful songwriting from the late 80s and early 90s that is not oft-seen anymore but it's impeccable it's timeless and instantly recognizable." Ellenwood

"'Purgatorial Hearts' at its core sounds like Tom Petty by way of your favorite local songwriter. Guitar solos dominate alongside power chords. Definitely worth the listen." Punchland

"You can't call this [Purgatorial Hearts] disc predictable.... It runs the range from the Beatles to Smashing Pumpkins, power pop and Radiohead....I'll bet you'll find something you'll enjoy."
Music Street Journal

"I was impressed at the incredible diversity within [Glitter]. His songs span a delicate folk rock, heavy alternative distortion, a dreamy pop and bittersweet downtempo jazz.....Grogan is both a heavy rocker and intimate nostalgic, and he pairs his alter-egos side by side. It is a unique and interesting take when an artists decides that nothing is beyond his territory...." There There Music

“It’s obvious they don’t make things like they used to. In the case of Guy Grogan’s music, that sentiment is certainly a good thing. With 10 albums since 2010, the one-man band runs more track than Usain Bolt. He’s catchy. He’s dynamic. And with his latest, Glitter In The Gears, he’s an indie fun bag with endless possibilities...Glitter In The Gears is a tremendously dynamic album that proves one man really can make a band, and make it sound like any genre imaginable.” –Crave

"Guy Grogan‘s 10th album starts in top gear with the palm-muted, crunching power chords of ‘Anatomy of a Crush’. Recalling the best Elvis Costello foot stompers it’s such an uplifting start that the immediate change of tempo and style on ‘Stick the Landing’ is somewhat of a surprise -but then Grogan is a self-avowed genre swinger who is not afraid to take a variety of musical directions, à la The Beatles....It really is an album of contrasts....Elements of Blondie, Weezer and The Dandy Warhols can be heard – it’s an alternative/indie/pop/rock lover’s delight and a thoroughly engaging listen from New Mexico’s finest."


"On Glitter in the Gears, Grogan has opened himself up to soaring vocal harmonies and triumphant melodies, giving hope to the song’s struggles. This album is more confident, more alive and some of his best work....There is sure to be a quick followup for this prolific writer so I’m sure Grogan’s palette will continue to expand." –FLYTBLOG

"This album receives an 8/10.... It is instantly apparent that Grogan has a grasp on the workings of what makes music that sounds good....It is creative, and well executed. Distinctly different from anything I have heard in a while....this is a really tight album. It is well produced, and you can tell that Grogan put a lot of work into making sure that the songs are good....Conclusion: Grogan has a distinct yet familiar sound that should appeal to most people. He is a volcano. The lava is brimming over the edge.

Where an individual's psyche is concerned, Guy grants a voice to the voiceless: lyrically expressing wishful yearning, unaccountable negativity and the hunger for mutual love through jazz, garage rock and power pop anthems. He is a crossover artist, of sorts, blurring the line between dominant genres of generations past and present.....Guy is an accomplished songwriter with the power to illuminate hidden emotions with sound. He will procure more awards as time goes on, and perhaps land spots on the Billboard charts." –Subba-Cultcha

“Guy Grogan impressed last year with “My Own Way Out“, which showed the one-man-band and Santa Fe-based singer/songwriter as a faithful member of alt-rock’s enduring legacy. His newest album, Glitter in the Gears, was released this past December. One highlight is “Stick the Landing”, a track that pursues a psych-folk edge with weary vocals and gentle acoustic strumming. Multi-layered vocals and a piano addition toward the final two-thirds lend a melodic and gently reassuring presence, showing a slight departure from his more rockin’ songs, though one that shows an eclectic ability and retains the power-pop hookiness.” –Obscure Sound

“…Grogan is ever the musical MacGyver, acting as his own captivating one-man band beside his self-production and further indie dev credits….Glitter in the Gears, is yet another scintillating installment tucked within the one-man band’s well-kept, indelible portfolio….as he proves himself once more to be ever the shapeshifting fan of audio eclecticism….” –For Folk's Sake

“Rising Southern star, Guy Grogan, delivers a new, emotion packed, self-produced album entitled "Glitter in the Gears". His style is Garage, Indie Rock with Power Pop overlays and catchy lyrics. His sound could loosely be described as similar to Bob Dylan, or Elliot Smith. This one-man-band, has already received numerous awards, and is rising in recognition. Definitely a force to be reckoned with, and diligent to his craft, Grogan has already self-released and produced 10 albums to date. Impressive.” –Wail Music Magazine

“Glitter in the Gears is the new album from Santa Fe singer/songwriter Guy Grogan. The ten tracks showcase Grogan's expansive songwriting talents, with tracks that go from straight edged alt rockers and Velvet Undergroundesque explorations, to sublime indie tracks with the feel of Real Estate and Local Natives. Superlative arrangements and instrumentals perfectly frame strong vocals that move effortlessly from rockers to poignant ballads. A super strong album from an artist who has been around the block.” -Floorshime Zipper Boots

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