Guy Grogan is a critically acclaimed, prolific, award-winning songwriter and one-man-band based in Santa Fe, NM. He creates singular material that ranges from intimate folky ballads to meditative midnight jazz, and anthemic indie rock--all with a distinct, poetic pop sensibility. Lyrically, he explores the heart space between bitter loss and wisdom while narrating existential themes of aging, the passage of time, and the perils of hope
and love.


Guy restarted writing, performing and recording his own music a number of years ago after a life-changing event. Since then Guy has self-released numerous albums, singles and EPs, garnering references to The National, Roy Orbison, Elliott Smith, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Dinosaur Jr,
The Beatles, Tom Petty, Weezer, and Guided By Voices. While hard at work on his albums, Guy has been the recipient of numerous songwriting awards granted by organizations such as New Mexico Music Awards, Indie International, Song of the Year, American Song-writing Awards, and the UKSC.


In 2016 Guy released “Dynamite Bouquet” which was hailed as “one of the indie’s best kept secrets”, received overwhelmingly positive reviews and heavy rotation on college radio. 12 months later, Guy released “Glitter in the Gears”, which was heralded as “an alternative/indie/pop/rock lover’s delight.” Stand out tracks “Anatomy of a Crush” and “Myself Away” were nominated for best alternative rock songs by the New Mexico Music Awards. In 2017, Guy was also honored to join the artist roster at Loud Music Licensing.


Then came “Purgatorial Hearts”, Guy’s 11th and perhaps most personal release to date. As with his previous records, he tracked all the parts himself and teamed up again with local award-winning Santa Fe musician and producer, Dennis Jasso at Fw Studios. The album opener, "I'm the One I Couldn't Be", and "Never Understand" were nominated for Best Modern Rock and Indie songs by the New Mexico Music Awards. "I'm the One I Couldn't Be" won the award for Best Modern Rock song.


2018 brought "v12", his twelfth collection of self-made recordings. Stand out tracks "Here I Am" and "Take Back My Heartbreak" garnered awards for Best Indie and Best Modern Rock song by the New Mexico Music Awards. In 2019 Guy completed work on reinterpretations of some his earlier work and completed an EP entitled “In the Wake of Blood and Honey" which was released in early 2020.


The rest of 2020 proved to be another prolific songwriting period with the release of two full-length albums entitled "Same Morning Light" and "Tomorrow Never Fades." The songs on these two releases "pursue a more intimate, folk-centric sound that succeed swimmingly." He invites you take a listen at guygrogan.com, bandcamp, reverbnation, soundcloud, apple music, and Spotify.

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